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This virtual challenge is designed so you never lose motivation and stay focused on your workouts.

You will have 30 days from your registration to complete a 42k swim.

Whether in a pool, a lake or the sea... it doesn't matter where. Just remember to bring your tracking device with your favorite app and share your progress.  

  • Follow step by step and at your own pace

  • Plan your workouts well

  • Record your workouts and complete each of the objectives until you reach the goal

  • Share photos and videos of your progress

  • Enter the group and chat with the other participants of the challenge

  • Receive your personalized Training Plan**

     **Applies in payment register.

At the end of this challenge you will get your finisher BADGE and your digital certificate, in addition to receiving your physical MEDAL at your home.

Remember that this is a PERSONAL CHALLENGE , and it only depends on you to reach the GOAL... Enjoy the process!

How to do it

  1. First JOIN the Virtual Marathon. Remember that if you are registered for the La Isla Open Water event, 2021 Edition and your registration was made before October 12, you will have free access. and you must request your entry by clicking on the free challenge. If you are not registered for the face-to-face event, we invite you to try this Virtual Marathon in the payment method.

  2. Plan your sessions in advance to complete your challenge in the defined period of 30 days from your registration. In your registration you can define the exact date to start. We have divided this challenge into 9 steps that you must complete until you reach the 42k goal. So your progress will be recorded as follows:
      -  6k  -  10k  -  15k  - 20k  - 25k  - 30k  -  36k  -  42k

  3. To record your progress you will need to share screenshots of your sessions. You can attach up to 10 images for each step, that is, if you did the first 3k in two sessions, you can share images from both sessions and we will take care of adding meter by meter and accumulating them during the 30 days of your challenge.

  4. You can use the device and app of your choice to upload your records. The elements that cannot be missing from the screen image are: date of the session, distance and time. Here we leave you examples of the summary that show some applications of the most common devices.  Apps can have variants, but in general, they will give you similar parameters.

  5. If you want, you can also share photos and videos of your sessions to make it more fun and personalized.

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