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Our Open Water Swimming Marathon in Querétaro is held at the Zimapán Dam. Located on the border between Querétaro and Hidalgo, this immense body of water is ideal for practicing water sports. 

Swimming in open water is one of the exercises that brings us closer to nature. In fact, people who do it often have the feeling of merging with the water, of being one more element as they advance stroke by stroke.

In addition to charging us with energy and helping us enjoy the environment, this outdoor activity provides a series of positive effects. Apart from the usual benefits of all sports, swimming offers the possibility of exercising without impact and achieving a remarkable aerobic development with the involvement of large muscle groups. No one disputes that it is one of the most suitable sports to work the body and mind. But swimming in open water not only keeps you fit and strengthens your muscles and memory, it also promotes a sense of freedom. Practicing open water swimming can give us UNIQUE SENSATIONS!

It does not matter if you have never swum in open water, if you are a new open water swimmer or super experienced...

Our event is designed to include EVERYONE:  children, adults, people with different abilities, as well as if you have a great technique or are just starting this adventure.

For our team, what is really important is to offer you an inclusive, fun event, where you can live together, learn from great teachers and swimmers who share their experiences with us and motivate us to continue swimming. A SAFE event, where our priority IS YOU.

On this occasion, more than ever we are committed to offering large spaces, open and in close contact with nature. In addition to implementing all health measures and hygiene protocols and prevention of contagion COVID 19.

We are happy to welcome you back to LA ISLA OPEN WATER and we guarantee you the same warmth of our personalized attention, as well as the improvements in the organization that we implement year after year.

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